LittleByLittle Wrote:
Sep 30, 2012 10:31 PM
Romney is going to boot Owebummer to the Carter shitpile where he belongs. Owebummer sucks - he went into the job of Chief Executive with zero executive expeience, and it shows - he couldn't even get his own party to vote on his budget, and hasn't gotten one through in over 3 years, while Romney balanced his budgets every year. Owebummer has zero business experience - never even ran as much as a lemonade stand, and his failed shovel ready jobs and green jobs, after blowing trillions on them, shows his LACK of experience. Owebummer is way in over his head, and the rotten economy under him proves that fact. Romney has 25 years of executive and business experience, and great turnaround experience, which is what America needs.