LittleByLittle Wrote:
Sep 30, 2012 10:25 PM
I just caught a piece of Owebummer yapping to a dumb crowd in Vegas on CNN saying that the other side should not be blaming blah, blah, blah, bs. The loser has done nothing but blame others, and now points his crooked finger because he doesn't want people to listen to others saying HE sucks. Owebummer is all about blame, excuses, deflection, and lies, and certainly not about governing properly - one look at the HORRIBLE economy under him says it all; Owebummer has a net loss of jobs since taking office and more debt than every previous president combined. Owebummer has over 23 million American citizens without a job and losing their homes because of it, and the dem's answer is to give a million ILLEGAL ALIENS work permits.