AMBRO Wrote:
Sep 30, 2012 8:12 PM
In the last twenty -odd years of Prez Campsigns I've resignedly voted and more-or-less enthusiastically worked twice for the Not-Clinton, one time for the Not-Gore, one time for the Not-Kerry and one-time with GREAT enthusiasm and energy worked and voted for Sarah Palin. This time the Stoopid Party is giving me it's usual choice. Gawd save the mark!! Here in SoCal in the SFV all the usual workers and volunteers are reved up to take every single vote for the Not-Obama. Outside of Hugh Hewitt's scorching hot man-crush for Mitt, NO ONE is a passionate Mitti-sta. He has no discernible philosophical or ideological commitment, he does flip-flop ("mature with time", possibly?) and he hasno expressed vision glowing, or otherwiswe for the U.S.