leebeniteau Wrote:
Sep 30, 2012 1:00 PM
What a difference four years makes. In 2008 we had McCain v Obama & now its Romney v Obama. What a difference. Obama's running us off the track at 98MPH and the other two would do it at 85/90MPH, big spenders & hawks all. Kinda reminiscent of the Dole v Clinton elections. Don’t forget the wonderful Bush years of debt, deficits & UNNECESSARY wars. Oh! The Republicans offer real alternatives to Democrats don't they? When Steve Forbes & Ron Paul ran as solid, alternatives to Establishment RNC hacks the RNC scuttled their campaigns in the primaries to prevent upsetting the apple cart in Washington. The Establishment loves the status quo. The Republicans have got to get serious & stop running toned down RINO Democrats against real Democrats.