Floyd35 Wrote:
Sep 29, 2012 8:34 AM
BHO and his cohorts are DREAM BUSTERS. Forget that dream of retiring to the Islands, or to a Mountain Retreat, or whatever. The DREAM BUSTERS have stolen your dreams. They have forced factory after factory to close, or send their work over seas. They have kept fuel prices high with their policies. They have killed your hopes and dreams. Who are they? They are the DREAM BUSTERS...they are the Democratic Party, the LIberal News Media, BHO, and Joe Biden. Still love them? I should hope not! Only a fool, or someone on the take... would, or could, love these theives in the night. They are DREAM BUSTERS, and it is time to get rid of these Night Mare Makers. Vote Republican and send those DREAM BUSTERS packing; then get a good night's sleep!