GosAwk Wrote:
Sep 28, 2012 8:41 AM
LOIS44, I think you have a misconception in several areas. When you say "we the people have allowed the voice of the poor to dominate." You must not think highly about the poor. And you're wrong about them "dominating" anything. They are the victims kept down by the oppressors. 'Progressive/Liberals.' If Obama "wins" it'll be because the government has been taken over, and controlled by Alinsky Radicals. Who seek only to crush America! They will use all "Useful Idiots," lie, cheat, steal, anything stay in power! If he wins, it will be because of Voter Fraud! And by the way. The crowds behind Obama? Don't you know that they are a select group placed there to cheer for the Traitor! Nobody gets that close to Ovomit by chance!