KenHiggs Wrote:
Sep 28, 2012 5:07 AM
Many patients declared "brain-dead" have later spontaneously revived and lived. See Zach Dunlap, a 21 year old Oklahoma man, was "feeling pretty good" 4 months after diagnosis as "brain dead". He later revived only moments before surgery. Steven Thorpe, 17 year old Warwickshire youth, was declared "brain dead" in 2008, but made an unexpected recovery. Rae Kupferschmidt, 65 year old Minnesota woman, suffered massive cerebral haemorrhage in 2008, was diagnosed as "brain dead" but later revived. Gloria Cruz, 56 year old Northern Territory woman, was declared "brain dead" in 2011, only to revive 3 days later. Survivor cases prove "brain death" is medical fallacy, invented to allow organ removal from living patients.