Cartwright Wrote:
Sep 27, 2012 4:03 PM
Ann makes a good point about white people voting for Obama out of guilt. Here's how I see it. As a white American I realize that, even though I am not a racist myself, some of my ancestors may have persecuted, oppressed, or enslaved the ancestors of blacks and other minorities. I am NOT responsible for that. I feel bad about past injustices, just as I feel bad about present injustices, such as the roughly 4,000 American babies whose lives get snuffed out every day because they are inconvenient. But feeling bad about it is not being guilty of it. I am not guilty of racism, and I never have been! I am free to dislike Barack Hussein Obama, as I do, and vote against him, as I have done and will do again, and I am not in the least bit racist!