David3335 Wrote:
Sep 27, 2012 12:57 AM
I'm a Libertarian. We actually have a three-party system. I was willing to cross party lines and vote for Ron Paul. You're right , RP didn't win but he sold me. Given the media gave him as much exposure as they did Romney, I'm really surprised he didn't win. /sarcasm off The only reason people are sold on Romney is because they are scared of Obama, no other reason because when I ask where Romney stands on issues and how he's going to turn the country around, they revert back to we have to get rid of Obama. They can't tell me how he's going to create jobs, where he's going to cut the budget, etc., etc. I guess you have to elect him so you can find out. We have to elect him to get rid of ObamaCare that was modeled after RomneyCare.