NeighborOfTheBeast Wrote:
Sep 26, 2012 6:36 PM
I am 100% in favor of legalizing marijuana, but I will not be voting for I-502 in WA state. It's a bad law. It will add a 25% tax to sales of pot in the Evergreen State, which already has the highest sales tax in the country. It will force the operators of currently-legal dispensaries to purchase a $1000 annual "Marijuana Tax Stamp" in order to stay in business, and the state can cherry-pick who will be allowed to purchase one. It will lower the threshold for a pot DUI from the current level of 10,000 ng of THC per ml of blood all the way down to just 5 ng. A non-pot-smoking person could test positive after walking through a room where someone was smoking a joint. Even NORML & the people who put on Seattle's Hempfest aren't supporting it.