Rammbo Wrote:
Sep 26, 2012 6:13 PM
The political strategy is brilliant. The Left KNOWS that you could confiscate every last penny from the rich and it would not even put a dent in the national debt. The point is that, once they go through motions of "punishing" the rich," they will then turn to everyone else and say, "Gee, you know what? We're still in trouble. Gosh, we just HAVE to raise everyone else's taxes, too." This is where Hillary Clinton is coming from when she talks to the UN about taxing the world's elltes. It will merely set the precedent so that they can tax everyone (i.e. America and Europe). "Conspiracy" is a cliche, but what else would you call it? The Left KNOWS what they're doing and they will lie to us about it to the bitter end.