Bytheocean Wrote:
Sep 26, 2012 4:54 PM
He wants to come across as a Prom King. Actually he is a sociopathic border collie herding the American sheeple towards the cliff. Go to David Horowtiz's website Freedom Center. I clicked on the left side where it says "Infiltrated" and gave a contribution of twenty five dollars for a pamphlet (One can get a download or hard copy.) What I received is Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution The Alinksy Model by David Horowtiz. It gives an excellent description of Obama. Horowitz is a reformed Leftist. He knew all the tricks as a Leftist and then a friend of his was murdered and there was a cover-up and he realized that the Left was not idealistic, that it was a moral vacuum all about obtaining power (my words). Then he joined the right.