GaryAZ Wrote:
Sep 26, 2012 4:04 AM
What happens to the unions when the employer quits? What happens when you show up to work, and the gates are locked? HA! WE BUST DOWN THE GATES! HA! What happens when you try and enter the building, and the doors are locked? HA! WE BUST OPEN THE DOORS! HA! What happens when you find out the electricity is turned off? HA! WE BUST UP ALL THE EQUIPMENT, WE TEAR DOWN THE ESTABLISHMENT! WE BURN IT TO THE GROUND! HA! What happens when theres no place to work? HA! oh damn It's coming unions workers. And I'll bet your union bosses have an out. When the money runs out, what ya gonna do? Trash America? Where's your wealth coming from now? Canada? Mexico? South America? Europe? Asia? Russia? Where? What now? Who's your daddy now?