eastedie Wrote:
Sep 25, 2012 3:03 PM
That is because Obama is an Islamist. He is a true son of Islam. Do you think he'll help out Israel...that is his enemy and so are all of us who are freedom loving folks. Don't care what country you live in - if freedom survives - he hates them too. If he is re-elected, by 2016, I guarantee we will be living under Sharia law without a Constitution. Vote & pray for America. (And if you have a gun permit - stock ammo; if you don't have a permit-GET ONE ASAP) Even the IRS is stocking up on hollow point bullets by the 100's of thousands, including Homeland Security, Dept. of HHS, and all law enforcement agencies accross the US. We could have a repeat of the American Revolution from what I'm hearing.