Keith374 Wrote:
Sep 25, 2012 7:11 AM
"Nobody pays attention until the National Convention." "Just wait till the debates, those are what's important." "Obama is easy to beat, he's so awful." C'mon, Romney apologists... your man is WEAK. He's not hungry. He lacks passion. He's lousy at making his case to the American people. With Barry being the worst president since 1923, Mitt should be destroying him in the polls. I seem to recall W doing what? 4 rallies in a day? GET OUT THERE, MITT! And not just in the so-called "battleground" states. Don't assume you have the so-called "red states" sewn up. Sorry, but Romney looks like he *really* doesn't want to win. It looks like he is throwing the election. Has the GOP Elite made a huge mistake?