MPeroni Wrote:
Sep 24, 2012 11:31 PM
Please, good God. Are conservative writers becoming spoiled children wanting everything for Christmas? "Why isn't Romney doing this? Why isn't Mitt saying that? Mitt has to make this case. Mitt this. Mitt that." SHUT UP already. This is not going to be a perfect presidential campaign. What makes it even worse is when people like Brit Hume and Byron York sound like a bunch of whiny Debbie Downers. Always afraid of the polls (Hume was awful tonight on O'Reilly). Always worrying about what Romney is not saying, or what he is saying. Step up, grow some cojones, and be part of the crusade. It's as if these writers are already writing their "Hey, don't blame me... I never thought Romney was going to make it anyway" cards. Ridiculous.