PhantomStranger Wrote:
Sep 23, 2012 12:08 PM
KID: I broke this. Fix it. MAN: Wow. You sure did a number on this. Might take a while. KID: Fix it! FIX IT NOW!! MAN: Okay, cranky-pants. Go get me a screwdriver, will you? KID: Get it yourself. Besides, I hid it. Buried it, in fact. MAN: Why would you do that? Now it’ll take longer. KID: No, it won’t. And why isn’t it fixed yet? MAN: You’re rather bossy for someone who breaks things. KID: You’re stupid. A big dumb stupid-head. NOW FIX IT!!! MAN: I don’t suppose you’d go fetch me some pliers? And some tape? KID: You don’t need those things. You’re a grown-up. FIX IT!!! MAN: (sighs) Without help or the proper tools, it will take far longer to do. KID: HEY, EVERYBODY!! COME LOOK!! THIS GUY SUCKS!! MAN: Going to ignore you now, spoiled brat.