Nick705 Wrote:
Sep 22, 2012 8:55 PM
Yes...and no. Chamberlain - despite the doofus appearance - was not such a fool as he's popularly made out to be. People like Folkertsma either never knew, or forgot, that in 1938 Germany had the most modern, well-equipped army, and an air force with state-of-the-art bombers and fighters. The majority of RAF fighters were biplanes, and the bombers slow and virtually defenseless. No Spitfires, precious few Hurricanes, the radar not yet operational. War in 1938 would have resulted in a Nazi victory as crushing as against Czechoslovakia, and later Poland, Norway, Belgium etc. Chamberlain's great gift to Britain was a year so, in Churchill's words, "They who had been half blind were half ready."