Isahiah Wrote:
Sep 22, 2012 4:41 PM
before I comment on the skin color, like to say I am a Romney supporter and agree that it is stupid of libs to go on this type of attack- but hey- no ridiculous lies they can make up surprises me anymore- Romney a most decent and nice man has been called a felon, dog abuser and anti Christian - but I am also a pro make up artist ( I once did Rush Limbaugh for a photo) and I have looked at the MAC color the makeup artist says he used and it's not nearly as dark as this pic of Mitt- so either he is lying to save his job b/c he purposely sabotaged Mitt- or the photo was doctored . Of course Mitt has Mexican heritage and people with olive skin do tan easily and fast with no redness, but it really seems to me this guy made him look darker-