McLame Hater Wrote:
Sep 22, 2012 1:45 PM
These polls are simply wrong! Mitt Romney getting only 46? That is what John McCain got four years ago when be lost to Barack Obama. We're to believe nothing has changed despite: 1. Four years of Obama's failed record (economic, domestic and foreign). 2. The health-care fiasco that cost Democrats the House with in a tsunami of voter anger. 3. The rise of the Tea Party/conservative organizing. 4. The fact that 2008 can never be replicated for Obama, with young voters, black voters and white-guilt voters turning out in droves. 5. That Romney is a far better presidential candidate than the one-trick-pony McCain ("war hero"). That Paul Ryan is a more likable, less-devisive VP candidate than Sarah Palin. 6. A debt of $16 trillion. Really?