lengid69 Wrote:
Sep 22, 2012 11:22 AM
If seeing black and white democrat commies for what they really are, then you can color me racist and I am proud of it. These commies are sadist, biiiig liars, and just right out scummy. They use you ignorant blacks like a baby diaper and you love it without question. You hang around them like Fido waiting for a crum to drop. For over 50+ years these low life black and white have been promising you morons, they will take care of you and they are going to take from those that are rich, rich because they did not set on their a333 waiting for a crum to drop. These sorry blacks are too stupid to know that because the maggots making these promises are also filthy rich and is not willing to part with one red cent of their illgotton bounty.