cherish53 Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 11:12 PM
AKIN for Senate! 1: He STOOD - he didn't back down-criticized, ridiculed, condemned, threatened, even his own party turned their back against him, holding back funding from him. He still stood & shows he has backbone unlike who we have in office now! 2: YES, he misspoke! Tho’ "some" are given a pass when they make a gaffe (swept under rug) such as Obama OR Joe Bidens gaffes- all down played!! 3: Yes-“legitimate” wrong word – perhaps ‘violent’ or ‘brutal‘regarding rape victim unable to get pregnant....could have recalled 1999 medical journey, such as: ?Claire has told her constituents “Don't make me use my Mommy voice” as SHE knows what's best for us uneducated fools! So much for tolerance /empathy!