Ohso2 Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 5:57 PM
Brooks compared his spot at NYTimez as the equivalent of a "Rabbi in Mecca" After his latest MISANDRIST (Hateful to Men, Masculinity and Normal Heterosexuality) screed against the despised and disposable Male Minority "Why Men Fail" Pushing the Exterminationist bile of Feminzai Propagandist Hanna Rosin on "The End of Men" Brooks shows himself the epitome of the post modern 'male feminist ' - which is eerily similar to the "Juden Opferers" (Literally - Jew Sacrificers) who Sold Out other Jews to the Homo-Nazi Reich Brooks is rewarded well for his job of rolling on his back and soiling himself in shame - on behalf of the rest of us 'Y-DNA BioManPigOppressors' - who he shops to the Twysted Systerhood at the Times with gay abandon