Old Lady2 Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 11:26 AM
That is exactly what they have been doing. It was no accident that 80 TP reps. are in the House elected in 2010. Several Repb in Governors seats. NC sending Replicans to control the states legislatature.( 1st time in 100years) Dem, Bev Purdue seing the light not running again. This is going on in every state.The Tea Party's Goal...... To take over the Gop. Which is the tact they use, as it was closer to their ideals and less complicated then developing a new party. That is why the establisment hate us as they need our votes and keep trying to indoctorate us. The real battle is with the GOP. We knew it was a 15 tp 20 year effort to start with and it goes on a dailly basis as we must insist that the Repb. honor their oath to the USA.