percen Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 7:08 AM
thrives on rewarding himself, his friends with the "$poils of Public Office," uses his position to punish his enemies !” After nearly 4-yrs in office, Obama's become a sharply polarizing figure. His admirers say he deserves a special place alongside Wilson, FDR, LBJ as 1 of the architects of benevolent Govt. His critics say he's trying to remake America in the image of Euro-social-democ's, replacing the USA's ethos of independence, individual enterprise, with a welfare state inflamed by class divisions ! Obama's economic stimulus program's Dept-Energy-loans, Co's owned-run by Obama donor-$-friends, Solyndra's George Kaiser, received $16.4-bln, Co's Not linked to BHO got only $4.1-bln ! BHO-run-Fed-Dept's-Programs-Agencies use favoritism