percen Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 7:07 AM
Pres Obama's bio by David Maraniss, intro: "The self-described “autobio” Dreams of My Father, falls into the realm of literature, memoir, not history, autobio and shouldn't be read as a credible-factual-account.” In other words, most of what we supposedly “know” about BH-Obama is actually pure fiction ! The Wash-Exmnr’s Inv-team did a 4-mo-inv into Obama’s past, interviewing dozens of his supporters, detractors in Chicago, elsewhere, studying countless court-transcripts, Govt-reports. other Official-Docs. Lead inv M-Tapscott: “Beyond the spin, polls, a starkly different picture emerges of Obama. It's a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer, but rather a classic, "Chicago-Dem-Machine-Politician !" Who