percen Wrote:
Sep 21, 2012 6:47 AM
This was a major blunder-fiasco, negligant-travesty-tradgedy, corrupt-criminal-disgrace on this admin and the Leftist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrat Party ! Showing them to be negligent-reckless-bumbling-inept-anti-American-Communist-Marxist-Socialists, with Covert-hidden-agendas ! Words cannot describe how unbelievably unprofessional, amateur, anti-American it's for a US Embassy in the midst of a war-torn ME-country, to not be fully-staffed-armed-ready-capable of securing the perimeter and warding off all kinds of attacks ! Obama's an anti-American-US-Traitor, he's only in the US-Govt to serve-carry-out his Covert-hidden-Secret-agenda !