Ohso2 Wrote:
Sep 20, 2012 11:34 PM
Correct Michael - and in Senator Mark "KiddiePornKing" Leno's California - such 'Ism-Obia' as yours would be Banned in School - under SB#48 Which Prohibits Anything that "Reflects Adversely" on the MISANDRY (Hatred of Men, Masculinity and Normal Heterosexuality) of the Gaystapo Besides - Gender Science is Verbotten, and the 'Y-DNA BioManPigOppressor' is on his way out, like the neanderthals of old Replaced by self mutilating steroid dykes (like Dyke Rape Victim Chastity Bono did to herself) who will be the New 'Turkey Baster Creationist' Men (ask ole D. Cheney about grandsons with 'No Male Father') Proud to be 'men' Without the instrument of rape and oppression of the old Hated Patriarchy - a working P-ns