Lib at Heart Wrote:
Sep 20, 2012 11:13 AM
Idahoser wrote: "NO income tax is fair. If you must have it, then it must be ONE rate paid by ALL, no exceptions. That's what "Fair" looks like." No, fair is when everyone is left with enough to have a decent living after taxes. The millionaire can afford to pay 35 percent of his income in taxes far more easily than the poor man can afford to pay 5 percent. I have yet to see a rich man who cannot afford the basic necessities due to the tax burden. Yet conservatives want to take more money from those who are already living paycheck to paycheck. And a single rate for all means that the poorest people would be giving the most. Of course, in your reality, that may be "fair." After all, they are only poor because they are lazy "victims," no?