Rhonda8 Wrote:
Sep 20, 2012 9:14 AM
This administration is FULL of liars! The very word Democrat translates to liar. All through history, they've lied and lied. What is wrong with this Fed Hearing?! Back in 2009, Holder bragged in a speech in Cuernacava Mexico that their dept (DOJ) received millions $ for their "Operation Fast and Furious"/"Gun Runner". He is no doubt the one who planned the anti-American/anti-Second Amendment operation. This Administration hates America, everything it stands for and wants to "transform" it into some sort of Socialist country. I say, "Mr Obama, the world has tried that already, for decades. There is NO "getting it right" because IT DOESN'T WORK! Only true Republics will work. Get this hater out of the White House; fire him in November!!!!!!