B-4-REALITY Wrote:
Sep 19, 2012 10:54 PM
The time is near - - - we must rid ourselves of these hangers on - these disgusting liars! I honestly have never been so viscerally sickened - - but it's getting to the point that I just can't stand this. We learn that the AMBASSADOR to the UN, Rice lied --- repeating "it was the movie," only to find that the TRUTH is - they knew two days prior to the LIBYA attack that warnings were received, and went unheeded. What is the matter with these people - seriously - you have to wonder. Same day - - we learn that, it's TRUE - the middle class is going to end up with that OBAMACARE tax. (I am currently paying for this unfunded mandate - paying additional 4000 dollars more this year for my corporate health insurance than I paid last year.)