bkordelski Wrote:
Sep 19, 2012 10:46 PM
Right on Michelle,Mitt should not apologize for a single word.It IS roughly 47% that do not pay taxes, but I think the # of people getting Govt. benefits is closer to 25%. Democrats have NO-ONE to blame for this economic mess than THEMSELVES. Research the GREAT AMERICAN SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, begun in the Johnson Administration. OH YEAH, Dems were in control of congress & the white house then. Also, lets find out if the "Liar in Chief" is really the son of OBAMA, for if that is true as he says, then he has perpetrated one of the Greatest Frauds of all time...He is not eligible due to not having both a Mother & a Father who were citizens at the time of his birth. If Frank Davis was his father, then he is eligible, but guilty of fraud .