The Common Conservative Wrote:
Sep 19, 2012 6:34 AM
Being from California, where handouts are rampant and the entire State is becoming Greece in America, I can understand your angst. Facts suck don't they. Reality IS, that few "low income Republicans" are interested in taking government handouts. They would rather have a decent JOB and be able to use their skills and abilities to provide for themselves and to be able to PAY higher taxes. We DO get it. What your Godbama has done, is create a total belief that government MUST provide if you are "low income". Remember "The Life of Julia" and her dependence on government for EVERYTHING in life? Oh, wait, that was OBAMA'S touting of HIS Dependency Society, now wasn't it. Where is YOUR OUTRAGE on that one? Do Dems help ppl get OFF welfare? or on?