zmazurak Wrote:
Sep 19, 2012 6:18 AM
This entire screed is a litany of blatant lies, none of which is even close to being true. But it shouldn't surprise anyone given that Borowski is a self-proclaimed "anti-war" libertarian who gets her information from Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty". Take, for instance, Borowski's lie that Obama isn't cutting a dime of the defense budget. He is. His FY2013 budget alone, w/out sequestration, will cut the base defense budget in real terms from 535 bn today to 525 bn in FY2013. Sequestration would cut it all the way down to 469 bn in FY2013 and keep it below 500 bn for over a decade. The claim that defense cuts are only to the rate of growth is a blatant lie, like the entire rest of this article.