Stephen41 Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 8:03 PM
Get out of your comfort zone, Plaz.... Get out with the Peeps. NO not them little yellow biddie birds the PEEPS the folk the empty heads balloon brains idiots that may not look like you, though many do. Go work a phone room or have someone right you out a pitch and dial 100 numbers from your home ! I specialize in the AA voter and IT A TRIP, PLAZZZ (for Plasma, dig?) I called for a black Republican congressman. Hello, I am calling to remind you that you will have a new Congressman in your district this year. You probablty have heard that Congressman Sowell has passed away (like HeLL they know that ). Stephen Preacherman is running to fill his seat and wants your vote. He bele "HEY! He a Democrat?" Then I don't care. BANG