Stephen41 Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 7:31 PM
I'm talking to her. No AC in Texas, 110 F, I'm sitting on my back step. She walked right up to the Gringo with cutoffs and no shirt or shoes -- bad idea, but since it was me she wasn't going to end up dead in the ditch 100 yards away like little Nicole did 2 years before. Who rapes and kills a 2 year old? Anyway, if she wants some... she should ask and I'm trying to hit up a conversation, right? but I'm just pitching into the void.... no answer, slack jawed, staring, staring, she wants it...bad, but not a sound comes out of her head. I keep pitching, A little English. A little Spanish. Como se llama. Gustas? Diga ,me. what's your name. Her brother walks up. I have never seen him before either. Eh? mmm...mira.