Wlmitch1 Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 1:27 PM
Correction: "And-and-and when you notice that nobody's paying attention to what you're doing just remember, uh, we've been through this, before. Some of you, were involved when we were in Iowa. THIRTY POINTS DOWN! And, all of Wahington said OWP! Uh, Owwhh its OVER! Handwringing an' ... angst and teeth-gnashin'. An' then, last year, just about this time, you will recall that, uh, uh-the Republicans had just nominated, uh, their Vice Presidential candidate, an', ever'body was, y'know the media was obsessed with it an' cable was 24 hours a day, an', Obama's lost his mojo an, remember all o'that? There's somethin' about August goin' into September, where, ever'body in Washington gets all WEE-WEED UP!