mreed189 Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 12:59 PM
#1 The 47% is probably a low estimate even if you remove the retired folk. #2 if they haven't, they never will - grow up that is! #3 if you are speaking of a small business person with a gross income of 200-250K, net is generally considerably lower and they would be considered middle income... fact!!! #4 to recap-you have twisted about everything I've said so I will say I agree with what I originally said... if you can remember what it was I said. #5 Dogs definitely like being in the fresh air... PETA could use some. #6 It is just so terrible; the conditions at Gitmo especially after we had to remove the beheading block. #7 yes I am happy to learn; unlike someone else, I don't know everything.