insect43 Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 10:20 AM
Lefties arent one homegenous group. You got the stinky hippies, and then those so-called liberal Christians (not a real Xtian in my book), and the Obongo muslim enablers, and Satanists like the Clintons. They're also divided but we need a real Christian canditate like Palin or Santorum to make everyone see. A faker liker Romney with that stupid pretend religion turn people off and back into the arms of the communists and Muslims. Take back America now; Get rud of Moronry (you can keep Ryan so long as he understands Jesus will always trump the valid yet nt blessed Ayn Rand,), but bring a real Christan in Shiw America as strong again, not the whimpering teary eyed obscene apologetic f a g Obozo tries to shoe to the world.