TruthorDie Wrote:
Sep 18, 2012 4:02 AM
“No Way, Lizzy” As a lawyer, Liz was “fair”, But to be “Prof” she had to share MINORITY traits that just weren’t there. And then she had a wicked dream, She’d steal a “Cherokee Nation” theme, Theft of a race was her crazy scheme, Harvard bought the lie real fast, And Liz kept lying to the last! She could deceive with stunning class! Now Cherokees kept perfect lists, Of their descendants in our midst, And Lizzy’s name did not exist! In fact the TRUTH was stranger still, LIZ’ forebears, like George Custer, killed, The Cherokees who were living still! Now Massachusetts must decide, If Liz, with BO right at her side, Can mock both state and indian pride-- NO WAY LIZZY