abcdefz Wrote:
Sep 17, 2012 10:49 PM
Cheeze-ice-crust I'm sick of being lumped in with other schmucks as a "Christ-hating heathen". I'm an atheist. I don't hate Jesus of Nazareth. I will, at any time, and under any circumstances, (including being blind stinking drunk), compare, point by point, YOUR system of morals and ethics and MY system of morals and ethics and DEFY you to point out any differences. Save one. MINE follows simply from the nature of Man as Man. YOURS, (apparently), you wouldn't HAVE if you hadn't gone to church. I don't NEED Judeo-Christian philosophy to know that SIX of the Ten Commandments are SIMPLE COMMON SENSE!!!! (The other four may be laudable, but hey, I AM an atheist...) Judeo-Christian philosophy is NOT the do-all and end-all of MORALITY!!!