Ohso2 Wrote:
Sep 17, 2012 11:18 AM
The Intrinsically Aberrant, Degrading and Objectively Disordered nature of the Homo-Anal Coprophile 'lifestyle'' is a Pathological (Disease Spreading) nightmare, that should Never be Promoted any more than Cigarette smoking. Because Some Heterosexuals also engage in depraved behaviors, does not invalidate the Normal Procreative Nature of Sex and Gender LIke giving Blind People Drivers Licenses because they too can get in car wrecks like those with sight - the Radical Homosex attack on marriage & family is simply an Orwellian bait and switch scam Intended to Destroy the Hated Y-DNA BioManPigOppressor Hetero-Patriarchy - as an act of 'tolerance'