ChillytheAlaskan Wrote:
Sep 16, 2012 12:17 PM
Let me run this by here to see if I have it right. FIRST, they did QE1 & QE2, printing money out of thin air, OUR MONEY, and purchasing stocks and re-inflating the stock market back to record levels, blowing the bubble back up. (Who owns those stocks purchased with our money?) They also filled their vaults with money printed up, to "loan to the people and business", but in fact they won't loan it and have just been setting on, again, OUR money. Now they are printing more of OUR money to purchase home mortgages to "keep the prices up", WOW! Going to re-inflate the bubble that has caused this economic crash ongoing now for FOUR years! That doesn't sound wise to me, why not just loan the money they have been setting on?