RMan3 Wrote:
Sep 15, 2012 2:54 PM
This is not helping the economy because businesses and individuals are simply afraid to invest or expand, no matter how low the interest rate. On top of that, these low rates are making bank accounts worthless investments. Right now, my savings gets 0.2%. I looked at my bank's CD rates recently, and only if I got it for three years or longer could I get above 1%. Their 90-day CD had an annual yield of 0.15% ! (My banker said she's embarrassed to offer such a rate.) The one-year CD rate is 0.45%. That's right - a $1,000 CD returns a ridiculous $4.50 in a year (or less than 40 cents a month!). In the late 80s, a $10,000 one-year CD gave me $63 per MONTH in interest. Today, a $10,000 FIVE-year CD returns only $15 per month.