duggy2 Wrote:
Sep 15, 2012 10:08 AM
Central banxx are criminals. ...you probably disagree an useful fool as the elite put it. Central banxx are the reason for the 16 trillion debt..you probably think there are long winded abstruse arcane explanations. .again you are what the bankstards want. .mind controlled and unknowing complaiscent conditioned victim... Dismiss me but you wont dismiss the awful conditions when the crash becomes too obvious to ignore. . You have probably been propagandized to believe A. The fed is federal. ..it is no more federal than fedex B. The fed is our friend...it is only for the profit of its banker owners C. The fed operates for our benefit..bennie bankie admits they did 1929 D. The fed keeps inflation from happening...gas was 25c in 1956 E. The