kathi24 Wrote:
Sep 15, 2012 6:13 AM
Never does a liberal lets the facts get in the way. Reagan did not "cut and run" he assessed the situation realized that the Leanonese didn't want our help and then pulled out ALL OF OUR SUPPORT FOR THE STINKING ROTTEN MURDERERS. Now if this is what your feeble attempt at an analogy is going to be for the most INEPT, WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY is going to be you go right ahead, then what we can expect from the boob in the white house is TOTAL WITHDRAWL OF ALL OUR EMBASSY PERSONNEL, ALL AID CUT OFF TO THE OFFENSIVE MUZZIE COUNTRIES, and THROW THEIR EMBASSY PEOPLE OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Then and only then can you mention the name Ronald Reagan in any context with the inept, worthless piece of "I haven't a clue" idiot in the White house.