amoncrief Wrote:
Sep 14, 2012 12:48 PM
WHY HAVE PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY NOT SUPPORTED THE BREACH OF FULLY-VESTED PENSION CONTRACTS LIKE COLORADO PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS DID IN 2010 ON COLORADO BILL SB 10-001? PROOF THAT COLORADO’S GOVERNMENT LIES: COLORADO PERA’S ATTEMPT TO TAKE CONTRACTED RETIREE BENEFITS. When I was young I held the belief that public service in the United States is honorable, that the United States of America was exceptional in the world, that governments in the United States, while flawed, deserved the respect of citizens. Now that I am old, I see that I was naive . . . that governmental entities in the United States will intentionally deceive to achieve their goals, and that over two centuries our soldiers have died for a country that will