Ogrrre Wrote:
Sep 14, 2012 10:49 AM
Fourth, in 2008 Obama outraised McCain by nearly 3 to 1. This year, Romney is outraising Obama by 2 to 1, and Obama's fund raising amounts are way down. Fifth, Obama has not been attracting the crowds this time that he attracted in 2008. He had to move his acceptance speech from a 70000 seat facility to a 20000 seat facility at the Convention. Yes, they gave the excuse of possible inclement weather. But, they did the same thing in Las Vegas this week and gave the same excuse ... except there was no inclement weather expected. Teh Won just doesnt' have the numbers or the enthusiasm this time around. Keep up your spirits, and vote in November. Then, sit back and watch liberal heads explode on the evening of November 6.