good dog, happy man Wrote:
Sep 14, 2012 10:33 AM
"Hey dere, Good Dog, what's the difference between an but-kissing MSM and a brown-nosing MSM?" "I dunno, Hap, what?" "Depth perception." If Ike were alive today, he'd be warning us to beware the media/government complex. It is far more insidious and destructive to our citizens than any other made up boogyman, like the "war on women". It is a Martha Stewart "good thing" we have other sources of news/information nowdays. Thank God for talk radio and Fox news. Without these sources who would ever have known that an armed lesbianese terrorist armed with a backpack full of extra ammo magazines and 15 Chick-fFil- A sandwiches shot a man at the Media Research Center? Americans must sift and winnow and ask "I wonder if that's true." Woofda