mrichards Wrote:
Sep 13, 2012 11:58 PM
Impeach that SOB!!!!!!!! How dare he run off to Vegas when the Middle East and N. Africa was killing our people? How dare he say anything against Romney--who is a man and loves this country--while he was out for his campaign? Any other president, especially and historically, Republican presidents, would be in the W.H., working the phones, talking with Netenyahu. Good God, is anyone in charge? O has committed treason against America-leaks anyone? WTF? Gone. He is gone. If you're smart, if you love your country, you'll vote for Romney on Nov. 6. He was right to come out fast and furious (held back, I think) against those murders. This president sickens me. Democrats, the lefty left kind, not the patriots, need 2 open their eyes.